Occupational Hygiene Assessments

occupational-chemical-surveysAn occupational hygiene assessment can assess contaminant exposures by onsite air sampling. Our Occupational Hygienist is experienced and has expert knowledge in hygiene monitoring techniques and therefore will use the latest sampling equipment and methods onsite to accurately measure your sites current contaminant levels.

A workplace production may give off emissions from mixing, addition of heat or chemicals or physically disturbing aerosols, particles or fibres into the air. These emissions when sampled by an experienced consultant specialised in occupational hygiene reports, will assist by adding controls or PPE to minimise contaminant exposure to employees where needed. Our Occupational hygienist reports will offer advice and solutions to maintain continuous onsite WHS safety.

Our Occupational Hygienist performs all our onsite work

To assess these air pollutants, air samples can be taken at static areas or worn by operators to discover the present working conditions. A WHS manager’s responsibility is to ensure the occupational hygiene assessments are completed and re-assessed by an experienced occupational hygiene consultant.

WHS or occupational hygiene legislation outlines employers have a responsibility to conduct periodic monitoring to ensure the workplace contaminant levels are below the exposure criteria at least every 5 years, this provides a company is WHS compliant.

Occupational Matters experienced Occupational Hygienists can assist your company in providing comprehensive reports outlining your workplace contaminants and the present emission levels. Hence with over 10 years of experience in occupational hygiene field will safeguard your site conditions are below the latest contaminant occupational exposure criteria. Whether it be silica dust, heavy metals, offensive odors, poor air quality or asbestos fibers our occupational hygienist can offer expert advice to manage all of your occupational hygiene exposures to a safe level. Immediate occupational hygiene solutions will improve your sites OHS practices and procedures to a best practice standard.

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