Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Specialists

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Specialists

Occupational hygiene monitoring is the first step to protecting your workplace & ensuring WHS compliance. Our experienced Occupational Hygienists can deliver a comprehensive occupational hygiene program to monitor all your hazardous contaminant exposures. Specialists in hygiene PPE and finding occupational hygiene contaminant solutions. Our Occupational Hygienists will provide recommendations for further actions to reduce occupational contaminant exposure levels.

Workplace health & safety is maintained by regular occupational hygiene surveillance to eliminate hazardous processes. Contaminant levels are assessed to ensure employees are working in a safe environment.

Occupational hygiene monitoring requires current exposure levels to be monitored onsite at least every 5 years to be compliant to Australian WHS legislation.

A production process can create exposure hot spot areas or operations which increases the exposure risks and health side effects. Workplace Health & Safety practices ensure these are controlled by maintaining continual occupational hygiene compliance.

The first step to reducing possible exposure levels and pathways is to assess the present condition. Our Occupational Hygienists are experts in providing consulting services in the all the fields of Occupational Hygiene.

Our consultants expertise include Hazardous Chemicals, Occupational Noise and Dust Surveys, Noise Mapping, Indoor Air Quality, Mold Testing, Heat Stress and Asbestos Management. Contact Occupational Matters now to provide onsite Occupational Hygiene monitoring service & can make your unsafe work exposure into a safe and compliant business.

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